FOREVER Laser Transparent - 11" x 17" (100 sheets)

  • Item #: LT17-100
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Price $114.99

Heat transfer paper to print vector images without degrades with at least 70% color intensity and transfer onto light colored t-shirts and other textiles surfaces. It's a premium self-weeding transfer paper that brings the customer a high quality result. It leaves no white background in the unprinted areas.

This transfer paper is suitable for the new generation of color copiers and color laser printers.
  • Self-weeding
  • No background or border
  • High wash fastness up to 40C
  • Soft touch
  • 135g/m

What Can I Print?

  • 100% cotton t-shirts
  • 100% white polyester
  • Jute bags
  • Other textile surfaces

Before You Buy

  • Please note that not all laser printers will run transfer paper. We can only test and guarantee our papers with the printers that we sell, the OKI Data Laser Printers. Please check with your specific printer manufacturer with their recommendations for transfer paper printing in your laser printer.
  • This paper requires the use of bold, bright colors to transfer. Muted, pastel tones may not transfer during the self-weeding printing process - in this instance, you would have to use the "Photo" printing instructions.

Printing Instructions

  • Print image in reverse - must print in bright, bold colors.
  • Recommended settings for OKI printers: Heavy paper mode
  • Feed through bypass/multi-purpose tray

Application Instructions

For Self-Weeding Printing:
  • Heat press to:
    Cotton: 355F-360F
    Polyester: 305F
  • Position transfer on the garment and close press over transfer (but do not lock down) for about 15 seconds.
  • After 15 seconds at light pressure, fully close heat press platen and press at medium pressure for 5 further seconds.
  • After the full press time, leave the t-shirt on the lower platen - rub a cloth over backing paper, and then peel up paper after about 5 seconds.
  • Recover transferred image with silicone sheet and repress with maximum pressure for 30 seconds. This ensures wash durability.

For Photo Printing:
  • Heat press to:
    Cotton: 355F-360F
    Polyester: 305F
  • Trim transfer down by hand/with scissors. Position onto garment.
  • Press entire sheet onto t-shirt fabric for 30 seconds using the maximum pressure.
  • Peel backing sheet immediately, but in a slow and constant motion.