ImageClip Laser Dark Heat Transfer Paper 8.5" x 11" (50 sheets)

  • Item #: ICLD11-50
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Price $134.99
Looking for an easier way to print heat transfers onto dark and colored fabrics? ImageClip Laser Dark offers a way to transfer JUST your printed image to your t-shirt, with no background, and no contour-cutting with a vinyl cutter necessary. With this crafty two-press printing and transferring process, use your favorite OKI laser printer to create a beautiful and vibrant image!

  • Transfers full color images to dark and brightly colored garments with NO need to cut or trim the paper!
  • Compatible and OKI-certified in the OKI pro920WT, OKI C711WT, and OKI C831TS
  • Does not transfer white/pastel colors (white toner printers do not have this limitation)
  • Does not work well with photographs, gradients, or shading (white toner printers do not have this limitation)
  • Can also be used a base for heat transfer foil designs!

  • Basic Info

    • Only for use with laser printers - May not be compatible with ALL laser printers!
    • Best for use with 100% cotton fabrics, especially with a tight weave - polyester blends may bleed
    • We have tested and found good general success with the brands: OKI, Canon, Ricoh, Xerox, and Lexmark
      We cannot guarantee this paper with any printers except for our OKI transfer printers
    • ImageClip Laser Dark only works well in use with bright, solidly colored designs. It does not transfer any white or pastel/light shaded colors, and also does not work well with photographs. Only white toner printers have true full-color capabilities with this paper.

    Before You Buy

    • ImageClip Laser Dark only works well with bright, solid colors. Do NOT use ImageClip Laser Dark for photographic images, images with white or light colors or images with gradients or shading.
    • Due to the toner used in HP and Brother laser printers, transfers used with these printers have less durability and washability than transfers from other printers. Printers that have a fusing temperature above 350 degrees F will have difficulty printing onto transfer paper and may experience jamming within the printer.
    • As with most transfer papers, customers may need to go through a trial-and-error period in order to find the heat press settings and pressing process needed to achieve best results.

    Pressing Instructions

    • Print your image in reverse
    • First Press: Set heat press to 225F
    • Press the printed Imaging sheet to the Transfer sheet, face-to-face, with Transfer (tan-lined) sheet on top for 25-30 secs with light/medium pressure
    • Peel sheets apart immediately after pressing
    • This will result in a fine white layer of polymer coating your full image
    • Second press: Set heat press to 375F
    • Flip the Imaging Sheet over, and press facedown to the fabric (purple-lined back facing operator) and press to t-shirt for 25-30 secs with medium/firm pressure
    • Peel transfer paper backing away once transfer is completely cooled

    Printing Tips/Tricks

    • Ahead of time, check with the printer manufacturer if the laser printer you have operates at over 350F or not - this can be a good indication of whether or not transfer papers will run properly.
    • Run the paper on a heavy mode such as "transparency" or "label" to slow down the paper and allow more time for the toner to adhere completely.
    • Use a straight-through feeding path, such as multipurpose bypass tray, whenever possible
    • Try to always feed the media in shortest side first (portrait orientation)
    • If none of these tips work, your paper may not be compatible with printing onto heat transfer medias.
    • Read full application/printing instructions.