QuickFilm MAX Clear Non-Waterproof 24" x 100' Roll

QuickFilm MAX Clear Non-Waterproof 24" x 100' Roll
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QuickFilm MAX Clear Film is the best clear inkjet film available. This Non-Waterproof film is very smooth and contains anti-curl coating. This film works great with Dye based printers, and is also a perfect match for M-FP Waterproof Pigment Ink.

QuickFilm MAX Clear Film is the most cost effective film on the market. Less expensive inkjet films (like matte finished films on the market) have major dot gain and give the image a rough edge and make burning screens a total nightmare. It is not worth the small savings to spend hours fighting your screen burning process For the best edge definition and dense dark blacks without pinholes, use QuickFilm MAX.

If you want to get imagesetter quality with excellent registration you need to be using QuickFilm MAX. There is no need to adjust exposure times or deal with shrinkage associated with vellum paper. Best of all, you get a very dense positive, designed to control ink absorption allowing for fast drying and excellent dot shape retention!

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