T-Seps Color Separation Software

T-Seps Color Separation Software
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Price $495.00

Hundreds have been sold at $995.00. Now you can buy this revolutionary software for only $495.00.

Act now!!!

T-Seps is an automated color separation program for garment screen printers. If you heard FastFilms was great then you will love T-Seps. It has the same look and feel of FastFilms with improvements to the separation engine and upgrades to work in Adobe Photoshop CS4 (11.0). When using CS4 on Windows you need to use the 32-bit version of Photoshop. T-Seps – like many plugins – is not 64-bit compatible.

T-Seps works on MAC (including Snow Leopard) and PC including Windows 7.

With a purchase of the full version of T-Seps or an upgrade from FastFilms you get T-FX (a $99 value) for FREE! Find out more about T-FX here.

T-Seps GraphicYou’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Imagine being able to scan a photograph and in just minutes have a complete set of high quality color separations ready to burn on screens and print award winning images. T-Seps is an Adobe Photoshop® plugin that is very easy to use. It includes a 85 page Reference Manual, FREE online and email support for one full year, and detailed online Training Videos.

It’s as Easy as Scan, Separate and Print!

Yes, it is that easy. Scan an image or use customer supplied artwork or a web graphic. Separate in T-Seps in less than ONE minute. Output films or vellums. Burn screens. Print the job. Have a happy customer! They will think you are a magician.

Watch a ten minute video showing the magic of T-Seps. 
This video is NEW and tells you everything about T-Seps.

No Guesswork

In fact, T-Seps takes away all the guesswork. Not only does it separate but it also lets you use standard off-the-shelf plastisol ink colors; it tells you exactly what mesh count to use; it tells you the color sequence and press setup; it tells you the proper halftone angle and line count; and it teaches you how to do very high end printing! What more could you ask for? Its so easy, even beginners with limited Photoshop experience and homemade equipment can produce outstanding prints.

T-Seps Is Available for Both MAC and Windows OS

T-Seps works on the latest Mac and Windows platforms and works with Photoshop 6.0 to CS4 (11.0). This unique automated software is based on Scott Fresener’s years of teaching and his intimate knowledge of Screen Printing. Photoshop® is the software tool of choice for high-end separations and now it will be like having Scott sitting at your computer, doing the separations for you! Besides being a highly respected industry leader, Scott was a member of the Adobe Developer’s Network. In fact, Scott traveled the world teaching large licensed screen printers how to do color separations in Photoshop before he developed FastFilms in 1999 and now T-Seps. Very few people know Photoshop like he does and here’s your chance to put his expertise to use in YOUR shop.

Used Worldwide

Even though the program is called T-Seps, it is a big brother to FastFilms which has sold over 6,000 copies and is used by printers large and small in over 75 countries! When you buy a shirt with a high end graphic on it – whether it be NASCAR, Disney, or the latest blockbuster movie – chances are the separations were done with FastFilms.

Nine Programs in One!

T-Seps is not just one program. It is NINE programs in one. It does a variety of color separation types from standard four color process (CMYK), to photorealistic images on black shirts using Simulated Process Color or Index Color separation techniques. It also does Spot Color, Old Photo Sepiatone, Distressed Look, Edge Effects, Image Enhancement and more. Click on the Features tab to see complete details. Download sample files and look at the seps in Photoshop.

Download the FULLY FUNCTIONING Trial Version and use the program for 20 days risk free!

Are you new to Photoshop. Download a FREE trial version direct from Adobe here.

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